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Friday, June 28, 2013

So Fully.

Hey Everyone. It's been crazy. I'm off to Costa Rica, so here's a post to enjoy while I'm gone.

I believe in myself so fully. I can conquer fear and live and love and believe and go. Go.

I believe so fully in what I stand for, in my ideals, in my purpose, that I know I can go out into the world on my own. I'm going to need help here and there. I'm going to fall and trip and tackle the ground on accident. But I'm going to be okay, because there's a little voice inside of me that remembers that...I'm ok. I'm ok.

And beyond that...I have strength and I'm lucky and I'm loved. And I believe in love so fully, so passionately and deeply, that I know I can do anything and love will follow me through. Because as soon as we realize that love is all there is--self-love and romantic love and motherly love and just plain love--we can really live.
I can do anything with love on my side.

Amber, thanks for teaching me about love. Puppy love, in particular. Now I know what that means, and I'm so glad to have shared that with you, baby doll.

Have a gorgeous and inspired summer, everyone! And I hope you all have a little voice inside of you too ;)


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