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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hello world! I am so sorry for not posting recently. I've been missing my Amber girl and just trying to let all these feelings pass over me. Feelings are a beautiful thing. I truly believe that. It seems to be hard in a different way as the days and weeks pass since last looking into those chocolate-brown eyes. It's less immediate, more longing. For two weeks, it was hard to believe I really lost her. Now, I have almost (I stress that--almost) accepted that, and I am left with a deep, painful mourning which hurts in the same place, but just in a different way. But, at the same time, I am at great peace with it. What I need now is just to have my family and friends support me, and even though I do not often show it, I miss her so very much. It's hard to show feelings, though. A girl at my writing workshop interviewed me, and in her article, she passively mentioned my loss of Amber, noting that I "had seemingly come to terms with it." That shook me a little. Losing your best friend/little sister/fur child/whatever you want to call it is never going to be easy. For anyone. I have not gotten over losing my sweet girl, rather, I am slowly coming to peace with my emotions and trying to respectfully move forward.
Long story short, please recognize that your emotions are beautiful, poetic, colorful things. They deserve your attention.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Best Feeling is When Your Heart is Filled With Inspiration.

Hello inspirations!

You are an inspiration. And so is Hannah Brencher, absolute genius. I have always loved her, but today I looked deeper into her life. She really is just so much inspiration to the square inch.

This first piece left me speechless. It is absolutely profound:

I just sent out three colorful love letters, complete with heart stamps and SWAK on the back, thanks to Hannah's amazing organization:
That website alone is freaking perfect. Chock-full of creative ingenuity. Makes you want to dance or, well, write love letters. Hannah's personal website (equally perfect) is
I just found this. Wow. Wow wow wow.

I hope you guys find as much joy in this as I did. This weekend I have done a lot of writing and I think that the feeling of being packed full with inspiration, so you can feel it in your heart of hearts, is possibly what life is all about. Too few people get to feel that on a regular basis. I hope you do.

With much love,

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fun!

Hey guys!

Here are some links for your enjoyment...
A fun, feel-good blog suggestion from Lily (thanks!)
Sort of cute!! Finding your own "Quiet happiness"
Scroll through here and get positively lost in the wonder of inspiration.

I am so exhausted now that I don't think I can write much more. Have a fabulous weekend and live for yourselves and those you love.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Choose What You'll Enjoy More. There's Plenty of Time in Life to Do What You Need To.

Hey guys!

So, right now I'm trying to pick my Standard and Higher Levels for the IB next year. And I'm having a hard time deciding. The big, logical part of me is trying to reason and figure out what class will be most useful. But the creative, fun, let-yourself-just-live part of me keeps asking, "WHAT are you going to enjoy?" That's the hard part. But it's a really important lesson for all of us to learn. There's too much time in life where we have to settle. When we're given a choice, go with the choice our gut is nudging us to--and that's usually the fun one. Why not?! "Don't take life too seriously. No one gets out of it alive anyway." Love this--I find it so entertaining.

...And your random dose of wonder for the day...
"To give any less than your best is to sacrifice a gift."
-Steve Prefontaine

Good night lovies!

With hugs,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Afternoon, My Lovely Sunshines :)

Well hello there!

Did you think you'd never hear from me again? Sorry about that. Last weekend, we had to put Amber to sleep, and it was the most difficult weekend of my life. It's still hard to write about. But I know she'd want me to be happy, so here we go...

Super positive. Just what we all need to hear:

And this is interesting. Not so much inspirational as just thought-provoking.

Anyway, here are two really lovely quotes for your enjoyment:

"Everything we love deeply becomes a part of us." -Helen Keller
"Notice all the beauty left around you and be happy." -Anne Frank

I think if Amber could talk, that's what she'd remind me to think about right now. That, and her intense, insane love for me. I just wish I could remind her one more time of my intense, insane love for her.

Kiss your dogs for me.

Big hugs,


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good night my lovies

Hey guys!
Sorry for not posting recently. I am trying to spend all my free time showering Amber with love and kisses. Here is a beautiful piece that I came upon today:
My favorite line: "Wouldn't it be grand? To be shattered?" Such a lovely way of looking at emotions.
Good night :)
With affection and appreciation,

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Smiles

Happy Sunday everyone!

Guess what? TOMORROW'S MONDAY!!! Wait...what? You're not excited? Go back to last Monday's post and slap a smile on your face. Our Mondays are limited, you know.

So I had this really lovely sleepover with Lily (the amazing Mongoose) and we just had a fabulous time laughing. And we went to the beach and took off our shoes and socks and ran up the beach in the freezing sand because what the heck. It's early March, and therefore, almost summer (hey, state of mind totally counts).

Amber, my perfect 14-year-old golden retriever, is declining in health and I believe it may be almost "time." I was so worried about her all day but I unwrapped a Dove chocolate and it said "Clear your mind and live in the moment" so I decided that I shall do just that. I will love my baby fluffle puff with all I have for these next days/weeks/months. That's all I'm able to do.

Oh, and, while browsing on Postively Positive, I came across one of my favorite posts of all time. Treat yourself:

And a lovely "giving" article:

Okay, toodles for now. I've got doggie kisses to enjoy and a new book to read!

With love and kindness,

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Mish-Mash of Random Amazing Things

Hey! Happy March and Happy Friday!

I am inspired today by Positively Positive (my obsession) which you can check out here:

Here is a really beautiful video, aimed at ending bullying. Spoken poem with beautiful art.

And here is a super touching video. What would you do?

 A boy gets suspended for wearing a banana costume, but his suspension was lifted after the airing of this news piece.

I found these on Positively Postive's "The List," and here's what author Eric Handler says about that last one: "The video may poke some fun at the matter, but I think it serves to shed truth: Bryan Thompson was only guilty of trying to pass some joy onto fellow classmates. Can he really be faulted for that? And it even seems to ask a bigger question: How do we encourage our children to step outside the lines and be bold without filling them with fear of consequences?" 
I think this is so important. We need to be able to step out of the lines and have some fun! Come out of your freaking comfort zone and grow as a person!

Oh, and I think this here is a really lovely article about how anxiety can actually be a really amazing thing. This kind of goes more with yesterday's topic.

And a little treat for those artsy ones:

This piece is really inspiring but I am having a hard time getting over gosh, how horribly sad. Ronan Thompson and now this new, lovely little Ro. We need to change the world. WHY are so many children dying and WHAT can we do?
My heart hurts for my two little Ro-loves. Now I'm going to see how to change this world of ours.

Thanks for reading tonight, loves. Goodnight, little Ronans. Play in peace together.